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2019 Pony Express Re-Ride Information
It Left St. Joseph Missouri this morning and is on its way West...
The 2019 Pony Express Re-ride dates for Nevada are
Monday, June 17 through Wednesday, June 19

The pony will be traveling East to West
Entering Nevada at Ibapah and leaving Nevada at Stateline in South Lake Tahoe

PEX 2018 - West to East

Visit the Official Pony Express Re-Ride website for further information.
The links to it and other tracking information websites are as follows:

A GPS unit will be carried in the mochila along with the letter and personal mail. The unit will transmit the location of the mail all the way to Sacramento, pinging every 10 to 30 minutes. The device is the size of a small cell phone. You can follow the progress of the mail on the trail by clicking on the following link:

2019 PEX Radio Operator Assignments
Revised: 06-12-2019
Section Route Assignments Comments
1 Ibapah to Shelbourne Steve Bickford-N6AE & Pete Cervantes-KG7OKY Enter NV / Follow Pony
Telegraph Summit Stationary Relay to Ely OPEN Relay
2 Shelbourne to Overland Pass (Strawberry) Ken Head-KE6FTM & Randy Head-KE6REY Follow Pony
Newark Valley (Strawberry) Grover Cleveland-K7TP Relay
3 Overland Pass West OPEN Relay
Roberts Creek Ranch Doug Lundgren-N7CBL Relay
Overland Pass West to Grubbs Well Bob Yandow-K7GUU Follow Pony
4 Grubb's Well to Dry Creek Ranch Jamie Dahl-N6JFD Follow Pony
Rye Patch Canyon Rick Bischoff-K7ET Stationary Relay
Austin Summit Robert Nelson-WA3PAD, Frank Kostelac-N7ZEV,
Linda Kostelac-KC7IIT & Keith Gordon-N7KSG
Stationary Relay
Grass Valley Road Mike Sherrick-NZ7G, Natalie Sherrick-N7JKM Stationary Relay
Austin to Railroad Pass Lynn Jenkins-KG7CXR Follow Pony
5 Railroad Pass West to Smith Creek Ranch Jeff Cauhape-K7BCV & Sue Cauhape-KI7CTT Follow Pony
Desatoya Mountain / Basque Summit Peter Olsen-KE7LHT Stationary Relay
Smith Creek to Cold Springs Restaurant (Edwards Canyon) Jeff Cauhape-K7BCV & Sue Cauhape-KI7CTT Follow Pony
6 Cold Springs Restaurant to Middlegate David Granish KI6EWK Follow Pony
Middlegate to Sand Mountain David Granish KI6EWK Follow Pony
Fairview Peak Jeff Hunt KJ6NKR Stationary Relay
7 Hwy 50 Sand Mountain to Schurz Hwy 95 (Top Gun) Gary Lefler-KG7ZLQ, Greg Rossi-KJ7GVZ & Sharon Rossi Follow Pony
Simpson Pass Dan Rice-KE7UQL Stationary Relay
8 Schurz Hwy 95 (Top Gun) to Ft. Churchill Don McRoberts-W3DRM, Jim Marshall-K6LR & Walt Nowosad-WA7LTS Follow Pony
9 Ft. Churchill to Carson City Don McRoberts-W3DRM, Jim Marshall-K6LR & Walt Nowosad-WA7LTS Follow Pony
10 Carson City to Friday's Station (Stateline) Ben Echavarria-K7BBE, Isaiah Echavarria-KG7NHY & Daryl Haines-KE7HXD Follow Pony
Daggett Summit (Kingsbury Grade)   Relay
Friday's Station (Stateline)   Relay / Leave NV
Tom Tabacco is coordinating the efforts for SIERA
Please contact Tom if you are interested in volunteering to cover a section this year.
Additional info and links will be posted as they are received.

Click here for the PEX 2019 Handbook
Handbook Revised: 6/12/2019

The tradition continues...

SIERA has provided communications for the Pony Expres Re-Ride from 1989 to 2019.
That's 30 years of continuous support!.

It's a lot of fun too. Please consider signing up for a section or two.
You won't be sorry, I can assure you.

Contact Tom Tabacco if you are interested joining the team.

2019 Field Day Information
Field Day 2019 - June 22 - 23, 2019
2019 ARRL Field Day Logo

This event will be held at the Minden-Tahoe Airport.

Click on the following links for info on the 2M repeater linking project
from Carson City, Nevada to Pearsonville, California which is just north of Ridgecrest.
All of the links are along the US395 corridor.

2M Linking Project Information
2M Linking Project Plans

SIERA Monthly Meetings
SIERA general meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month at:

Carson Valley Methodist Church
1375 Centerville Lane
Gardnerville, Nevada
(Click here for map)

Start time of the meeting is 1 PM

SIERA Breakfast & Lunch Gatherings

4th Saturday of each month
8:00 AM 'til ???

Tail Dragger Cafe
(At the Minden-Tahoe Airport)
1150 Airport Rd
Minden, NV 89423
Phone: (775) 782-9500
(Click here for map)

Come join us for a nice breakfast and coffee, meet with fellow "hams".

Everyone is welcome.

Every Wednesday
11:15 AM

Jethro's Oven & Grill
1281 Kimmerling Rd
Gardnerville, NV 89410
Phone: (775) 265-2215
(Click here for map)

Come join us for a nice lunch, meet with fellow "hams".

Everyone is welcome.
SIERA is an acronym for "Sierra Intermountain Emergency Radio Association".

We are a non-profit corporation for education and scientific purposes that provides organization and training of licensed amateur radio operators so they are capable of maintaining radio communications, as a public service.

If you are a licensed Radio Amateur or are interested in becoming a licensed Amateur,
please look over the many links on this website and feel free to contact us for further information.

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