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SIERA Repeater Frequency: 147.330 MHz, PL: 123.0 Hz, Offset: +600 Hz
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Jeff's HF/VHF Field Antenna Setup Photos
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Photos taken by:
Jeff Cauhape - K7BCV

I've sometimes struggled with setting up my HF antenna in the field when we deploy for some public event. This has been particularly true when the wind is blowing strongly as is typical here in the afternoons in basin and range country.

My solution has been to put brackets on my Jeep so that I can use the Jeep as a tripod to hold the antenna masts (both HF and VHF). With these brackets, I can assemble the mast and antenna easily on the ground, and then set the bottom of the antenna in the bumper mount, tilt up the mast to the upper backet and secure it with rope or a bungee chord. Simple and fast.

  • This is for stationary operation.
  • Brackets are made of ABS plumbing connectors and spray painted black to match the bumper and roof rack.
  • Plumbing clamps hold the upper fixtures to the roof rack. The clamps are secured to the fixtures with a single screw.
Bottom Bracket Top_Brackets Mast_Set One_Mast_Up Top_Installed
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