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2014 Pony Express Re-ride Photos
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Photos taken by:
Jeff Cauhape - K7BCV
These photos are taken at the top of Overland Pass West, north-east of Eureka.

Our fully laden Jeep in front of The Owl Club in Eureka.

The back of the Jeep was used for the operating station. Cramped, but at least it didn't blow away in the wind.

Everything is tied to the Jeep to keep things from being blown away. We;ve lost 2 tents in 3 years.

The Pony Express marker is the post-like marker.
The cross is a memorial for the Ham who worked that position for years. I have to admire his tenacity. Nice view to the East.

Finally! The mail arrives and the hand-off happens and it's all over at this lonely spot until next year.
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