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SIERA Repeater Frequency: 147.330 MHz, PL: 123.0 Hz, Offset: +600 Hz
SSC #2346

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Effective immediately and until further notice, all SIERA meetings will be held via our Repeater
at their regular times (see Repeater information, Net and Meeting Schedules below).

Repeater and Net Info: The SIERA Repeater is an open 2-meter repeater, located on Leviathon Peak south of the Carson Valley. It operates at 147.33 MHz with a +600 KHz input offset and a PL of 123.0 Hz. On Tuesday evenings, we conduct a roll-call net on our repeater at 7:30 PM PT. On Wednesday evenings we conduct an informal net (called the "Watering Hole") on our repeater at 7:30 PM PT. We invite all amateur radio operators to join us during these nets. The nets meet to discuss, collect, and pass on general information of interest to both club members as well as non-members. Following the Tuesday evening VHF net we also conduct a roll-call HF net on 3.982MHz ±, LSB, at 8:00 PM PT.
Meeting Schedules: SIERA General Club Membership Meetings are held at 1:00pm PT on the first Saturday of each month. We will use the SIERA VHF Repeater to conduct this meeting.
SIERA Club Board Meetings are held at 12:00pm PT (NOON) on the first Saturday of each month. We will use the SIERA VHF Repeater to conduct this meeting.
SIERA VE Exam Sessions are CANCELED until further notice.
Social Breakfasts:
ALL Social Breakfast & Lunch Gatherings are CANCELED until further notice.

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UPDATED: June 11, 2020

New news regarding the Leviathon repeater site. A recent conversation with CAL OES indicates that the plans to build a new repeater site and tower facility have essentially been put on hold due to the impacts of the Corona Virus and the slumping economy. They are still gathering information on who is on site, what purpose each user has there and what equipment is presently being used.

So, it looks like it will be business as usual for the foreseeable future. Any new developments will be posted on the SIERA website as they become known.

Jim Marshall, K6LR
NV7CV Repeater Trustee.

Click on the following links for info on the 2M repeater linking project
from Carson City, Nevada to Pearsonville, California which is just north of Ridgecrest.
All of the links are along the US395 corridor.

2M Linking Project Information
2M Linking Project Plans

SIERA Monthly Meetings
SIERA general meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month at:

Carson Valley Methodist Church
1375 Centerville Lane
Gardnerville, Nevada
(Click here for map)

Start time of the meeting is 1 PM

SIERA is an acronym for "Sierra Intermountain Emergency Radio Association".

We are a non-profit corporation for education and scientific purposes that provides organization and training of licensed amateur radio operators so they are capable of maintaining radio communications, as a public service.

If you are a licensed Radio Amateur or are interested in becoming a licensed Amateur,
please look over the many links on this website and feel free to contact us for further information.

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