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Pony Express 2013 Re-Ride

2013 Pony Express Re-ride Logo courtesy of Tom Crews of
2013 Pony Express Re-ride Route Map courtesy of Tom Crews of
The National Pony Express Association will once again conduct a Re-Ride of the Pony Express Trail from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California.

As has been done since 1989, SIERA provides communications services to the Pony Express as it makes its annual Re-Ride, carrying U.S. Mail across Nevada along pretty much the same route as it did 153 years ago. Since the ride takes several days through much undeveloped and uninhabited territory, around the clock communications are needed to help coordinate the riders so that mail transfers can be made in a timely fashion and contacts can be made in case of an emergency.

The 2013 Pony Express Re-Ride will proceed from East to West. The Nevada portion takes place between June 23rd and June 26th. The mail will be traveling west-bound, leaving St. Joseph, Missouri on the 17th of June, and arriving in Sacramento, California on June 27th.

This Re-Ride is a 10-day, 24-hour a day, non-stop event by over 500 riders and horses. The 1,966 mile route will be over the Pony Express National Historic Trail from Missouri through Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada to California. It is the longest event held annually on a historical trail in the nation. The event commemorates the Pony Express of 1860-1861. The Central Overland and California Pikes Peak Express Company carried letters and telegrams for 19 months to prove the Central Route through Salt Lake passable year round. The owners hoped to win a federal mail contract on that route. Pony Express history is preserved in the federally designated Historic Trail, administered by the National Park Service, in museums, Pony Rider monuments, books, and the annual re-creations by the NPEA. Riders will carry Commemorative Letters in a Mochila, pony express style. The cachets, honoring Pony Express history, will be available for purchase by NPEA members, historians, and philatelists. The envelopes will show they were carried by the Pony Express and the first class postage will have a special US Postal service cancellation. Only the number of letters purchased will carried.

Communications between Riders and Ride Captains will be provided by amateur radio operators in the states of California, Nevada, Utah, eastern Wyoming, Nebraska, and Kansas. Links to their web pages are listed below.

Ham Radio is a very important part of this Re-Ride because there are many parts of the trail that communication by other means is not available. When Riders are many times in an area where the hams are unable to follow ham operators are placed at various checkpoints/exchanges (where the Mochila is passed from one horse to another) and communicate to net control the position and time of arrival and departure. This gives those personnel responsible for that part of the Re-Ride information as to where the rider is and if the mail is on time.

The 153rd Anniversary 2013 Re-Ride Schedule through Nevada is shown below.
Check the toll-free Pony Express Hotline for current Status of the Pony
NOTE: The following schedule is subject to change
Revised: June 24, 2013
Start End Start Time End Time Hours Cum Hours Miles Cum Miles Avg Speed (mph) Ride Captain
Ibapah, UT Schellbourne Bar on Hwy 93 June 23 11:30pm June 24  7:30am 8.0 8.0 53.0 53.0 6.63 Schelborn
Schellbourne Bar on Hwy 93 Overland Pass West June 24  7:30am June 24  5:30pm 10.0 18.0 73.5 126.5 7.35 Schelborn
Overland Pass West Grubb's Well June 24  5:30pm June 25 11:45pm 6.25 24.25 44.0 170.5 7.04 Steve Notterman
Grubb's Well Railroad Pass June 24 11:45pm June 25  8:00am 8.25 32.5 59.0 229.5 7.15 Arthur Johnson
Railroad Pass Cold Springs June 25  8:00am June 25  1:00pm 5.0 37.5 36.0 265.5 7.20 Doug Jares
Cold Springs Sand Springs June 25  1:00pm June 25  5:30pm 4.5 42.0 33.5 299.0 7.44 Nancy Upham
Sand Springs Schurz Hwy June 25  5:30pm June 25  9:30pm 4.0 46.0 26.0 325.0 6.50 Grant Bell
Schurz Hwy Ft. Churchill June 25  9:30pm June 26  1:30am 4.0 50.0 31.5 356.5 7.88 Jim/Jill Andrews
Ft. Churchill Carson City June 26  1:30am June 26  6:00am 4.5 54.5 32.0 388.5 7.11 Vicky Moya
Carson City Harrah's Tahoe June 26  6:00am June 26 11:00am 5.0 59.5 31.5 420.0 6.30 Bob Moore
Click here to view a detailed time-line version of the 2013 Re-Ride.

To those who have not yet participated in the Re-Ride support, give it some thought! We need your help. If you have a desire to have some fun and watch a bit of history reenacted, and practice emergency communications, this would be an excellent opportunity for you. Watch this website for information regarding support of the 2013 Pony Express Re-Ride. All amateur radio operators are welcome and encouraged to support this historical and fun event. We will take you out to see the route of the trail, and will assure that you know the condition of the trail and what kind of vehicle will be needed for each of the Sections.
Visit the Official Pony Express Re-Ride website for further information. The links to it are as follows:

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